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Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

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Substance Misuse Prevention


Mental Health

About Us

The Fairbanks Coalition is a "coalition of coalitions" with a goal of fostering community wellness through the development of data driven prevention programs. Our goals are fourfold: 1.) to gather pertinent data for Fairbanks North Star Borough related to the funded project; 2.) to determine the capacity of the coalition and the community to address concern(s) identified through the data; 3.) to develop a strategic plan to address concerns and needs identified; 4.) to develop a funding and evaluation mechanism to guide the implementation and evaluation of efforts.

To accomplish these goals, we utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework model. The SPF model was developed by the Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and is intended to promote resilience and reduce risk factors in individuals, families, and communities.



Our Story

The Fairbanks Wellness Coalition was formed in 2014 when several individuals and agencies in the Fairbanks community came together with a shared desire to work towards prevention of suicide in the Fairbanks region, recognizing that this work must also include the prevention substance abuse and mental health issues to truly affect change. When grant funding became available, this initial group reached out to form a larger and more comprehensive coalition to assess interest and define a process to move forward. This group successfully applied and was received in 2014.


4th Annual Resiliency Conference 2023- Community Connection:Braided for Strength

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We are HIRING Part-Time Youth!

Calling on youth (14-17 years of age) who are interested in prevention work, working in the community, with other youth, and more! This is a fun starting position that is perfect for busy students. Hours are 5-10 a week and are flexible for school schedules. For the position description, please fill out the information requested below or email our Wellness specialist at info@fairbankswellness.org .

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Ready to get started? Apply today and send your complete application to our Specialist at info@fairbankswellness.org!