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Welcome to the new year where we encourage you to:

Reach out. Lend a hand. Share a smile.

Let's make Kindness Connects Us actions part of our New Year's resolutions!

Visit Fairbanks Wellness Coalition on Facebook to share your stories of acts of kindness that you have received or have carried out. Be sure to use the hashtag #KindnessConnectsUs, so that we can share the results with our community!

What We're Doing

We are currently focused on two major prevention efforts in the Fairbanks North Star Borough:

For more information on how to talk with your loved ones about about peer pressure visit our resources page

How You Can Help

We are a coalition composed of mostly volunteers. You can help by volunteering to be a part of one of our workgroups, organize or help at events, create materials, or help with admin tasks.  Fill out our volunteer form and we'll contact you to see how we can best work together.


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