Contributed Stories of Strength from May Workshop

Contributed Stories of Strength from May Workshop

In May, Fairbanks Wellness Coalition held a Stories of Strength Workshop where participants wrote about a time when they stuggled or help or helped someone who was struggling.  Below is one of the stories from that workshop. The author gave us permission to share it on the Fairbanks Wellness Coalition Blog.

Phone Buzzing, I picked up to find my dear friend crying on the other side. The sounds that were heard next had me running through the house desperately getting dressed. Moments of yelling, screaming and a sound of a phone being disconnected. Silence from the call had myself puzzled in terror from the ideas that played in my head.

Racing down the steps with keys in hand, I jerk the car door open and slammed the door shut as I sped out of the driveway. It seemed like hours, instead of minutes to get to my friend’s house. Angrily I cried I sped past catching red lights along the way. Finally I arrived at her doorstep expecting the worst.

There I found my friend broken physically and mentally. All I could offer her was to hold her and allow her to recall events that took place. Listening, unable to hold back the tears, I lift her up and guided her to the warm serenity of my car. All I could be was a ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on and a home to provide her.

Words can not fix the hurt that I too kept buried deep inside. Instead of words, myself became her comfort through the hell she was embracing. Holding her hand as we peeled out of the driveway onto the streets of the unknown. Who know what the future holds for her but one thing I do know is she is safe and for the time being protected.

 - Stephanie Dominick


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